Looked the same

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this; but I forgot which car I drove.

My car was in for an oil change.  I had car-man’s car (it’s quick, fast, and alert).  I went to the grocery store, and parked, as always, near the cart return.  I’m not worried about the walk; just how far the cart return is from the car.  Hence, I walk a lot – and it’s good for me.

Before I start – in my defense, it was a long list.

With a full mini-cart, I was done and walked back to the cart return.  I estimated that everything would fit in the rear seat area (easier to unpack from, when I’m back home). So, I pulled out my remote and unlocked the door as I approached.

“Beep, beep!”

No luck, the rear passenger door didn’t open.

So, I beeped again.

Nope.  Stupid remote.  I tried again…

That’s when, in my frustration, I noticed the door handle wasn’t the same.  Neither was the logo on the tires.  I was at a HONDA!!!

Same color, same body style… (copy cats!!).

And I could hear the chirp from Car-man’s car which was parked right beside the Honda.

Sadly, it took 3 tries before I realized my error.

Eventually, and with some embarrassment, I moved to the next car and got in.  Which, oddly, was unlocked and waiting, and, the key FIT!


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Car-man’s Jeep was up for its yearly registration.  Which, includes a State Emissions Inspection.

“It’s at least a 45 minute wait.”  Said the (really nice) guy behind the counter.

I agreed, the Inspection was due, I didn’t really have a choice.


10 Minutes later.



I promptly get up and moved to the counter.

“You’re ready to go.”  He tells me.

“Are you sure?”  I ask, “That seems awfully quick.”

Smile, “Your car’s 25 years old, it’s a beautiful antique.  It only needed to pass a safety inspection…”  He looked happily out the window, then ended with, “… It’s only $7”

I paid.

Then, drove very, very, carefully home – it’s now an antique, you know.

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